Simply listening to the trends alone is not the key if you plan to achieve outstanding results. This is why we make the researches on our own, and we build the portfolio based on our knowledge and experience.

With our own experts and members dedicated to in-depth research, our choices are always based on fundamentals, yet you can go for your own analysis if you choose so.

At Aichi BMO International our advanced strategic consultation and our suggestions are based on extensive research carried out by an experienced team with years behind.

The in-depth analysis can definitely change the investment process and can lead to consistent profits.

We consider both types of major approaches – fundamental and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis tries to anticipate the price changes based on a company’s fundamentals. This refers to different reports, market analysis, events, new launches, products sales, etc.

Fundamental analysis generally helps to determine if the stock is properly valued, because there are many situations when the shares are overpriced or underpriced.

Technical analysis is about totalling the stock price’s past movements in order to predict the future based on it. The price action, which means the price movement on the chart, can provide hints about the future directions. We consider different chart patterns, trends, channels, reversals, and everything related to it.