Mergers & Acquisitions

Aichi BMO International offers advice on mergers and acquisitions that are one of the most common ways of development for many companies with large ambitions.

In order to carry out such transactions, trust and understanding between the partners are mandatory. In addition, you will need an experienced service that knows the intricate details about how to perform such deals.

The merger also enables on the one hand to effectively counter the competition, and on the other hand, it increases the chances of further development through acquisitions of competitors. Your company can use the business scale in terms of cost reduction.

Mergers are among the most complex types of transactions, both in terms of the transaction process, and from the viewpoint of the subsequent integration of two corporate cultures and the creation of a truly unified business. After the deal is carried out, the new formation should consider the following:

  • Strategies of the combined companies and the volume of the potential synergies
  • Assessment of the merging companies to determine the conversion ratio of shares
  • The structure of the deal - the deal can be structured in the form of merger or acquisition
  • Candidates for the joint management of the new company
  • Regulation of the interactions between the shareholders after the merger

It is worth mentioning that whole market sectors were totally changed by M&As. We are in line with the current trends and we can offer you the highest quality solutions in order to achieve the best results.