An initial public offering, shortly known as IPO, needs thorough preparation and reliable correspondence during the whole transaction process. Aichi BMO International can help businesses of different sizes efficiently put their brand name on the stock market.

We can make sure all the steps are carefully considered: the required conditions from regulators, the arrangement and application of the public campaign to increase the company’s visibility, the increase in the demand on the part of investors, and finally, the assistance with the shift to the public company status.

We can easily create persuasive stories for the basis of the IPO having in mind what the investors and the rest of relevant individuals might want to discover.

Our successful methods make sure that the businesses set up the proper corporate management and reporting requirements.

We will work together with our customers to achieve the following:

  • - Create an open and efficient investment offer and a persuasive IPO basis
  • - Produce IPO research such as programs for promotion and the dimension of investor appetite.
  • - Start investor awareness programs, such as internet materials and means for working with potential questions
  • - Make certain that superior administration and other important staff members on communications protocol and the way to work with mass media
  • - Manage activities and conferences where IPO appetite among investors could be evaluated
  • - Create fundamentals preliminary income reports

Generally, the teams of IPO consultants include lawyers, bankers, accountants, and advisors. We can offer you professional teams of experts who know how to deal with IPO's from practical experience.