Fixed Income Strategies

Regarding fixed income investments, you should expect our strategies to target long-term growth. It is an especially beneficial option for those clients who are close to retirement and want to have a decent income for various personal and family needs. This bond-oriented approach is a part of a general financial plan, and we do our best to achieve long-term results, implement diversification methods, and maintain strong discipline which comes with reducing decisions based on emotions.

Prior to making any step in fixed income investment, you should be familiarized with bonds and their nature. You should understand the potential risk and profitability, as well as the causes that may affect them.

Here at Aichi BMO International we can propose you fixed income strategies from standard to alternative, depending on your risk appetite. Our selection of products is based on a large variety of features ready to find opportunities even in the most difficult market situations. By applying a list of investment tools and standards, we will customize our package to satisfy your expectations.

Our focus and main concern is related to your financial stability in the long-term.

Our team is well acquainted with the latest fixed income capabilities, providing high-class assistance within a large variety of assets and market sectors, along with risk management solutions.

From short duration to global and regional, our fixed income products are designed to ensure the path to your bright future.

Our solutions include the following fixed income strategies:

  • One-sector systems like government and company bond portfolios
  • Multi-sector systems, such as core and core plus bonds
  • Extended sector systems comprising high yield and emerging market debt
  • Alternative fixed income and forex strategies