Execution-only service

The Execution-Only Service can give you more control over your investment portfolio without the need to take on board our full advisory service. However, with Aichi BMO International you can still enjoy our market-leading research capabilities, updating market data and unique trading strategies and approaches. Here we want to insist on the fact that every trade carries a potential risk and it would be smart to give special attention to risk management methods.

Trading support for experienced investors
We can offer experienced investors, who want to trade directly on the financial markets without the benefit of advice, access to a global network of institutional dealers and trading specialists. You can execute simple trades through your advisor.

You will retain direct control of your investments and can trade a wide range of securities including bonds, equities and foreign exchange. If you’re looking for support, you can still access our global network of institutional dealers and trading specialists. They can provide you with overall market analysis, real-time information, trends, trading ideas and strategies. As execution-only is decided by the customer, this service is meant only for experienced investors with a positive past trading history.

With this service, you will retain your investment independence and you won’t benefit from the service of a Portfolio Manager. Your other benefits though will include:

  • Access to a designated multi-asset class dealing line
  • Direct market access
  • Immediate execution of trades based on your directions
  • Trading with onshore and offshore possibilities
  • Affordable quotation due to our international presence and considerable dealing experience
  • Seamless settlement, whether you choose a “delivery versus payment” or custody basis
  • You may still apply for assistance from Private Bankers. You will let them know your trading coordination and they will perform the orders.

You can also ask for an expert specializing in a particular asset class, like Equity, Forex, or Fixed Income.

We would mention again the indispensable personal experience required for those who want to start trading with us without our recommendations. You will be responsible for your trading decisions.