Discretionary Service

Aichi BMO International is designed to save you time and energy and help you remove any stress related to making difficult decisions in the always-changing markets. As the service title suggests, the important investment decisions of your portfolio management will be carried out at the discretion of your advisor.

Keep in mind that there is always a risk to record losses, so the possibility to lose a portion of your initial investment still persists. However, the conditions will be discussed when becoming familiar with our full list of benefits.

Your advisor together with a devoted investment portfolio manager will build a specific approach with you. Then the strategy will be applied and the advisor will keep an eye on your portfolio on a daily basis.

Convenient, Expert investment solutions
Our team of highly experienced investors will apply their combined knowledge and investment skills in order to achieve your targets and make sure you are satisfied with your investments. It is a practical option that can permit you to focus on your private interest, keeping assured that your portfolio is in good hands.

Our discretionary service will provide you with:

  • Vast knowledge and practical experience of our experts and portfolio managers
  • Ultimate strategies and high quality research capabilities
  • An extensive variety of options in accordance with the targets predetermined by you
  • Regular monitoring and problem solving with the goal of guaranteeing your portfolio an ascending path to reach your financial ambitions
  • Consistent research and documentation to keep you informed

A comprehensive selection of investments
We boast a variety of investment options accessible in accordance with your risk appetite and goals. If you have greater ambitions, you can opt for personalized investments to satisfy your particular demands.

The Portfolio Managers in our company can provide you with a wide selections of investment options, including global equities, bonds, and mutual funds some of which are accessible only for institutional investors.

Regardless of the market circumstances, our intention is to make sure your investment and portfolio is always on the right path.