Corporate Governance

This status influences our objective, which is about nourishing a long lasting durability. Your money should be managed by a company with a long-term vision and a stable future, and this is what we can guarantee to our clients. Additionally, we make an effort to be a trustworthy legal entity and to take into consideration ecological, ethical, cultural, social, and legal concerns that have genuine measurable economic effects in the long term for our company and the businesses that we invest in. Permanent obligation and durability are incorporated into our company structure and in the manner we perform our activities, assist our customers and respond to the environment in which we all live in.

We would like to have a direct impact on our communities which is why at Aichi BMO International we are totally devoted not only to evaluating and handling our own influence, but additionally to setting means to making a perceptible, solid, and durable change. Here at Aichi BMO International we understand that the value of the expertise and the energy we demonstrate can help making a big change in developing the culture everybody wishes to reside in.

We manage a volunteering plan that gives our staff members 10 days a year to spend on helping out different causes. We have purposely offered our members the possibility to decide for themselves how they want to help and in what way. People have different passions and dreams, and we try to make sure our employees get the chance to express their charitable intentions based on their own choice.

Our latest beneficiaries involve local elderly care plans and charities. In the fiscal year to June 2015 alone, we contributed over 12.5 million yen to different programs and noble causes.

Aichi BMO International is a valuable partner with the main objective of efficiently managing your financial resources. We are headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with our retail branch in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2003, we have been dealing with the financial markets for over 13 years, managing more than $9 billion (USD) in assets under management – a responsibility that we carry out with every due care and professionalism.

Our mission is to find and offer new and optimal solutions to achieve the investment objectives of our clients. Our individual approach through unrivalled customer service and independent analysis of the markets are our main focus.

Our objective is simple – we invest our client's money for their peace of mind for a better, more stable financial future. Our clients come from all walks of life and are demographically diverse: they range from private individuals  to corporates who entrust ABMOI to achieve their financial objectives and goals.

Our Global Capabilities
As we have bases strategically positioned around the global in the Asia-Pacific region and North America - we think and behave on a global level.

Our Vision
Our unique approach means we treat our diverse clients with the same consideration. The list of our clients is wide and covers corporations, governments, foundations, and private individuals that endeavor to accumulate wealth for their personal and family future. Even if the strategies for servicing a company or an individual are different, we cover both with the same intensity of purpose.

Our singular focus
We are satisfied when you, as our client, achieve financial independence and security and we ensure every effort goes into making that possible. We believe we do it incredibly well as demonstrable form our track record, and our goal is to become a leader in the financial markets for capital growth and preservation.

We know how hard it can be to give your hard-earned money to someone else, to help grow on our behalf. Therefore, we can always guarantee our clients optimal solutions and provide investment advice for individuals and institutions.

Our portfolio management approach is focused on the standards of fundamental analysis mixed with mathematical models.

Our qualified team members are experts from around the globe, many of whom are award winners and recognized professionals by the media.