Alternative Strategies

Alternative investments cover numerous asset classes and approaches. Each strategy and asset may come with its own specific attributes such as: income potential, inflation free status or uncorrelated returns.

As the title shows, alternative strategies offer investors an additional potential over standard or common investment strategies that usually involve capital on a “buy and hold” basis in equities, bonds and currencies. Actually, any well-thought out portfolio should contain alternative strategies as an element of its DNA.

Our experts in Alternative Investments will utilize means to build a strong performance in any financial circumstances.

Recent times may make us believe that we are living in a low-return era especially when you consider QE programs and interest rates that fall below zero. Risk management and diversification are our priorities, and we take them into account when applying our complex strategies.

The interesting thing is that alternative strategies are a necessity in diversifying portfolios so that actually it would be a mistake to classify them as ‘alternative’. They can be an essential driver for uncorrelated high returns.

Our service covers a variety of strategies:

  • Liquid systems, such as direct hedge funds
  • Opportunistic investments in private stocks
  • Real assets like property and infrastructure
  • Forex pairs and commodities

Regardless at Aichi BMO International if the strategy is placed as a primary percentage to alternative, or applied as an optional method within current allocations to stocks and bonds, the Alternative Investment strategies offered by us may well assist customers in building a better risk-adjusted investment portfolio. Our team will consider solid risk management methods to make sure the risk is properly measured, diversified and well understood.